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An interior steeped in tradition and mysticism, The Stella Collective has conceived a retail sanctuary that touches the visitor’s core.

Zoobibi is a lifestyle concept store, set in a modern day, Moorish utopia.
A sensual retail experience that transports it’s shoppers to a dream like world.
The outcome is a feminine but futuristic paradisiacal concept store that immerses its habitué and visitors into the brand’s personality of adventurous finds from around the world.
The retail experience is infused with natural and beautiful living settings, to showcase the product and pieces collected by the owner. Clients are able to experience the global range here and nurture their ideas in an aspirational yet user friendly designer abode.
The retail areas encircle an internal light-filled courtyard, a heavenly dreamlike moment where visitors can enjoy tranquility mixing their browsing experience with coffee, delicious food, wine and mimosas. A tiled lunar curve sweeps the floor, and signature water feature are the heartbeat to the experience, creating the ultimate expression of sunlit hospitality in a space where
retail and globe-trotting collide.
A beautiful innovation was required to create a retail space that spoke of not just a shopping experience but a true connection to the human core. It was important that we designed a concept that customers could feel the spirit of adventure...
The Stella Collective director Hana Hakim took inspiration from her cherished memories of her family home in Aleppo, Syria. The water feature in particular is a respectful reincarnation of her fathers ancient internal courtyard house in down town Aleppo, ...now destroyed from the war.
Whilst jaw dropingly beautiful the space is near impossible to capture on camera or social media, you have to go there to experience it. This was one of our twists to ensure there was a physical connection to the space. This is an environment where you might find yourself running your fingers over the surfaces simply to admire their intention for being there, or smiling as you notice the kinship of natural light and use of materials to reflect this positive gift from nature. Designed for perfect flow and special harmony there is a sense of relief is given to our crowded world.
Zoobibi is a tribute to travel, opening your heart to adventure, memories and powerful story telling.