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Romance is Born For Tapware. The Stella Collective has created a bath ware mirage nestled in the heart of Sydney’s Paddington, for Astra Walker’s debut showroom at 44 Gurner St.

Melbourne based design studio The Stella Collective has created a bath ware mirage nestled in the heart of Sydney’s Paddington, for Astra Walker’s debut showroom at 44 Gurner St. Design director Hana Hakim explains “Astra Walker wanted to push things to the next level and explore the possibilities for their retail experience. They have been at the top of their game for over 30 years and have a great understanding of the needs of the design industry. They wanted an interior that not only celebrated their legacy but an interesting point
of view to showcase the many facets of their range.”
Explains owner of Astra Walker - Andrew Shirtliff.
“We wanted a space that represented the brand and soul of the company that excites the senses and inspires the mind”
The Stella Collective created a dreamy and nostalgic setting for the showroom with colours inspired by the blush palaces of Jaipur to the beauty of Australian botanics.
A theme of by gone romance and adventure set a theatrical tone throughout the space.
At the front of the showroom, a soft pink and brass toned basin setting, designed as an ode to the character Willie Scott (Indiana Jones) greets clients with it’s golden glowing splendour. Venturing further into the showroom, a tropical jungle inspired double basin and light green onyx paradise framed with lunar curves sets a new post for bathroom goals.
A peach- coloured powder room with brass swan head taps is a muse
for clients with limited space. Encased under a set of stairs, it’s used as a delicate reminder of the potential and beauty in even the smallest of spaces.
The showroom is completed with a library that houses the myriad of ranges of tapware in a calming green and brass bordered setting that shimmers and shines
endless possibility for creative inspiration.
“We wanted to show the potential use for the fixtures in any design setting whether it be mod- ern, minimal, mid-century or Scandinavian etc. Astra Walker’s range is so vast, we had to explore ways of showcasing the flexibility of their products.” states Hana.
Hana explains “Every part of this design has been considered, the way people shop over the last decade has changed dramatically, but the future of retail is physical. Retailers are now renovating and investing in design which is paying off, especially for smaller boutiques.
A well-designed showroom becomes more than just choosing something from a display, it becomes an interactive experience with a sense of connection in how the products will fit with each person’s needs and lifestyle.”
Hana says this about working with Astra Walker “The honour of having one of my favourite suppliers in the industry coming to Stella to create an environment for their first store was a full circle moment. I have been using their impeccable products for over 10 years, so I knew the journey for them was a place where clients would feel comfortable; inspired and truly understand first hand the quality and beauty of their delicious bathroom treasures. “Astra Walker for life!”
Elegance and discovery has found a place to powder it’s nose in the beautiful showroom of Astra Walker.