The Kettle Black


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Designed from days at Studio You Me, The Kettle Black’s brief was very simple; create a space that no one had seen before. The primary ambition was to create a space that was well crafted and honest.

The cafe straddles a beautiful Victorian double story terrace and a modern residential building next door.
The challenge was how to galvanise these two vastly different spaces. The new and very modern light filled voluminous atrium and the heritage terrace house, are seamlessly linked by the elegant playfulness of the entry foyer, which spills out, uniting the spaces together old and new, creating a light-filled and joyous space.

The interior palette has been carefully curated with warm finishes of soft oak timbers, polished concrete offset by a mischievous kiss of green furniture and Italian glazed tiled walls giving sense of elegance while the refined blackened steel detailing defined its tough edge.

At a time when Scandinavian design was a popular choice for hospitality interiors, Director Hana Hakim looked locally and drew a lot of inspiration from the Victorian hills of St Andrews and Kinglake, when choosing palettes and finishes. Kettle Black is essentially celebration of everything Victorian.

The Kettle Black is one of the most revered and iconic hospitality venues winning multiple design awards and hearts around the globe.

Photography – Peter Clarke