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The Stella Collective’s design concept ‘Let The Light In’ shaped a light-filled workspace that was dedicated to the wellbeing of Memocorp’s clients and employees, as well as a collaborative care for the reimagined building.

Reminiscent of a luxury penthouse or boutique hotel, Stella focused on creating a warm domestic feel that blurred the lines of genuine hospitality and workplace, encouraging the feeling of freedom and open space showcasing the intoxicating panorama of Sydney’s skyline.

“The term workplace wellness can get thrown around a lot. We knew we had to abandon our answer to what commercial holistic design was to us and ask the question to what it means for its end users. To truly execute a wellness workspace we needed to approach it as a multi-disciplinary philosophy through engineering and cognitive practices by borrowing heavily from high-end hotel, hospitality and spa design disciplines, to create a space that supports productivity, workflow, company culture and social engagement.

This was a game changer for how we approached designing a traditional office space. This was an interior to not just reflect the culture of its companies and shareholders but creating a cultural shift in the workplace by embracing and supporting it’s people.”

Photography – Peter Clarke